Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Dreams And Little Angels

In the dark, the quiet dark, as I lie in my bed
Waiting for the dream weaver to come inside my head
Often I would contemplate on things I did today
Thoughts turned to this morning when I heard my moko say

‘Nanny, can I stay home please, I really don’t feel well
I sighed- oh here we go again, here comes the super sell!
I tried to get my focus as he eyed me with a frown
Making space as he slid underneath my eiderdown

‘I don’t feel very well and I’m feeling really funny,
It’s very sore and so’s my head so can I stay home Nanny?’
‘How about I write a note to Whaea Pam – okay?; 
tell her to excuse you from the swimming pool today?’

‘Ummm, ok Nanny but that means that I will have to go
and stay in Whaea Sally’s class and watch a video!’
‘Oh dear,’ I said ‘well maybe not, then best we call the doc -
and if we hurry we might get in before it’s nine o’clock!’

‘He just might say - you’ll be okay - to go to school today!’
And if he does then we can drop you off there right away
Not a word was spoken from the small lump in my bed
But I could hear the wheels of thinking turning in his head

Then from underneath the covers came this little squeak
Very muffled, very quiet, so I took a peek
Two big eyes, quite bright and clear were staring up at me
Not a trace upon that face of illness could I see 

I’m feeling better Nanny, so I think I’ll go to school
But I don’t want to go with Whaea to the swimming pool
I’ll write a note I said, and now it’s time to rise and shine
He’d rather go to school than to the doc’s - this imp of mine!

In the dark, the quiet dark, as I lie in my bed
Waiting for the dream weaver to come inside my head
As usual, before I sleep and start to drift away
I send a silent thank you for the blessings of my day.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Dumb Breeds Dumber

Man is such a sanctimonious species
He actually thinks there’s no smell to his faeces
He writes all these laws from out of some space
And ignores the natural ones already in place
If it wasn’t so pathetic it would be funny
This desperate obsession with power and money
Acts of abuse right across global zones
Focus on getting rich while poverty moans
Man is the one who created the law
He never took note of the ones here before
Those basic and simple rules made to provide
All of the good things one needs to survive
Ripped out the trees to create paper cash
Created big landfills for human made trash
Changing the things Mother Earth set in lore
Feeding his greed by exploiting her core
Dig deep enough and he’ll soon hit a nerve
And then he will get what he’ll justly deserve
Did he think that those earthquakes appeared by a fluke?
Well they came as a result of places he nuked
With his fancy pants weapons, his need to control
He’s such an ungrateful pathetic arsehole
He can’t say he’s never been warned from his birth
You kill Mother Nature, you’re killing the earth
One day her message is going to get through            
And the smell that results will be much more than poo