Saturday, 22 June 2013

Leap Of Faith

Life is ever changing, always re arranging
And into its flow we all go…
We pause in our living of taking and giving
to balance the fast with the slow

Life unfolds its story, in all of its glory
It builds word by word, line by line
Each page, every chapter, each critical factor
Is always a personal design…

Like Genesis rising, it’s not so surprising
we all need a point to begin.
Our painful arrival, and length of survival
Is part of the mix we’re all in..

Life makes all the choices, it hears not our voices
Each book is a life that’s brand new
There’s tweaking and blending, right up to the ending, 
Life does all the editing too.

Each life that it’s giving, we’re meant to be living
So live it right down to your soul
Forget backward glances, there’s no second chances
There’s only one shot at the goal…

Friday, 21 June 2013

Wake Up Call

Dark thoughts enter uninvited, 
..yawning with disdain
Nonchalantly settle in 
to gate keep once again
Once again the challenge enters, 
like it did before..
Once again I’m unprepared 
for that knock on the door

Not much one can do about it 
but look on and sigh;
Hoping that a miracle 
may drop out of the sky
No-one’s bullet proof 
no matter what the expert says
Many of us know those bullets
come in many ways..

I like to get on with life 
- not worry what might be
There is always someone else
who’s much worse off than me
Faith keeps those who keep the faith 
be focused and you'll see
Friends will help to carry you 
through great adversity

Strategy I use when 
contemplating what to do..
Not the only one but it’s
the stronger one of two..
Open up my computer
let inspiration flow
Into my world of poetry
I confidently go..

Nothing is impossible
when I am in that zone
I can see forever 
with my friends or on my own
All I need is keep the faith
inside me every day.
Faith, my friends, my poetry
help take the dark away..

Monday, 3 June 2013

Ode To Aging

The process of aging can be traumatic
But then again for some not so dramatic
However there are things that come with the role
Impacting in some way on body and soul

We often forget what we no longer see
Memory seems shorter than it used to be
One time it was nouveau to memorise things
and take on forever what forever brings

Clear recollections of moments in spaces
Flowed with the pleasures of people and places
When quickness of sharp minds marked sweet days of youth
Shaping experiences from life’s constant truth

But aging like seasons within their own rhyme
Change slowly, inevitably over time
On our contributions we rise or we fall
And hope it’s the good stuff that gets the recall

When I reach that great state of maturity
Well - if it’s the will of the powers that be
I hope when I look back at all I have done
It will be enough to have life say “well done!”