Tuesday, 26 February 2013


There are many ways in which to express.. happiness, 
An emotional rush from young love's first crush 
or a royal flush… 

But strange thoughts come when you're all alone. 
Deep inside life where the souls are grown… 
Where questions become part of the long endless days 
the why? and the where? ..who to blame? , who to praise? , 

To the hollow retreat of the slow, silent hours, 
and hushed voices whisper of far, higher powers. 
Somewhere you hear the strain of some far-off song, 
And you look for the truth but the truth is wrong 

As the light fades out still your eyes can see, 
past the shadow to the soul of your destiny. 
Past the trials always there in each day's hot strife, 
past the greed and the grind of a selfish life… 

To that breathless, haunting beauty of a life divine, 
in between the light and darkness where your mind grows fine; 
Where you seek to learn what is kept unknown…yes... 
Strange thoughts come when you're all alone…

Monday, 25 February 2013

Written In The Rhyme

It’s sad that there may never be

Sweet closure through reality
That brings together dreams apart
Through mutual passions for an art

Where verbs caress and nouns embrace
and rhyme defines a distant face
Though unrequited things may be
within this moment’s tragedy

There are so many other things
that life within a shadow brings
The mystery of a coded smile
Witty repartee scribed with style

Where passions flare and feelings wired
Inflamed, incensed yet so inspired
Or suddenly that silent hush
that terminates a heated rush

To read the beauty of a star;
a mountain lake, a river far.
To dine on adjectives sublime
That easy ride, that long hard climb

Where every wordsmith worth his salt
accepts the victory with the fault
Yet still within this certain space
There’ll always be a certain face

That sadly never will be seen
Except within a poet's dream

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Always Another Door Opens

This is a true experience I had once long ago 
Went for a swim at Sunset Beach out at Port Waikato 
My partner at the time, his brother and a girlfriend too 
Had packed ourselves some food we thought we’d have a barbeque 

The summer day was perfect - crowds enjoying the sunshine 
The Surf club guys were on patrol, yes! everything was fine 
My girlfriend said ”let’s go out for a swim”, I said “Okay!” 
We slipped into our bathers to the water made our way 

The water lapped around my hips as I walked deeper in 
The coolness was delicious took the heat from my hot skin 
From just behind I heard my girlfriend calling out to me 
But I was so happy frolicking out in the Tasman Sea 

Then suddenly the sand beneath my feet had disappeared 
The only thing I thought in those few seconds was “how weird?” 
But in that same few seconds I could feel my panic rise 
Out of my depth, I couldn’t swim, the tears flowed from my eyes 

I’d walked into an ocean rip - the ocean floor was gone 
There was no longer anything for me to stand upon 
I turned towards the beach only my girlfriend I could see 
She knew I was in trouble and tried to get hold of me 

I just kept drifting farther out and she was left behind 
I started taking water in, fear invading my mind 
Then suddenly I felt this change within my little space 
A strange amazing silence took the panic from that place 

I saw this lovely golden light, just shining everywhere 
I felt a great love enter me and take away my fear 
So warm I felt so happy floating in this golden glow 
It was a place from which I knew I’d never want to go 

Then out of nowhere came a pain like nothing I had known 
I was no longer in that lovely golden glowing zone 
Something was messing with my head all I could feel was pain 
Coughing, gasping, panic overtook me once again 

My eyes began to focus and I saw my boyfriend near 
Pulling me towards the beach – he’d grabbed me by my hair 
He’d seem my girlfriend’s distress and had rushed into the sea 
Disregarded his own safety to swim out and rescue me 

And so my life was saved that day been almost fifty years 
I learned a lovely truth that when we die there are no fears 
The moment we cross over there’s a sense of fear that's new 
But once we’re there, there is no fear - I know this to be true!.

Friday, 22 February 2013


There’s a Hui on our Marae and the whanau start to come 
The karanga has gone forward and the pa begins to hum 
All the ladies bring their pinnies and the men their butcher knives 
Time to get the kitchen rolling before company arrives 

There’s the sound of laughter, and somewhere a radio’s turned on 
Dishes clattering, there’s chattering, the shopping list has gone 
Men set up the dining room with trestle tables and long seats 
Others fire up the burners, others go to fetch the meats

Soon the kitchen fills with people busy doing what they know 
Everyone has things to do and they all know just where things go 
Soon the meats arrive and gets chopped up, the vegetables are here 
Here’s the van with all the groceries, the welcome time draws near 

Outside on the paepae tapu kaumatua sit and wait 
Some are dozing, others talking with their eyes upon the gate 
On the road outside the gate the guests are gathering in groups 
Ever vigilant directing things the Maori Warden troops 

Everyone has come from far and near to visit here today 
Tribal politics are challenging - all need to have a say 
Once the mihimihi’s over and the korero all starts 
Through debate and controversy burdens lift from weary hearts 

When the final speaker’s had his say and all has been resolved 
There’s a lightness of the spirit from all those who were involved 
Then across the marae tapu sounds of karanga on high 
Calling all the manuhiri to come in and have a kai 

When the last guest has departed and the clean up’s all been done 
Echoes of the Hui slowly depart with the setting sun 
Silence descends on our marae - all the whanau’s homeward bound 
But they’ll all be back when next another Hui comes around

It's Just Another Trip

We make many mistakes travelling through life
-things we never take time to think through
In a moment of madness, oft triggered by strife..
But in living life that’s what we do

In our twenties we’re young, for the most part quite dumb
‘cos there’s plenty of time to get real
All the baby stuff’s gone but grown up’s yet to come
When we’re young, having fun’s the big deal

Then one day we wake up and the thirties are here
-and we’re in these relationship things 
Looking up suddenly all the fun’s disappeared
-and we're in stuff reality brings 

Then along come our forties and it's not so bad..
-sort of settled and kids growing too
And we still can remember those fun days we had
with our friends back in the day we knew

In our fifties we’ve got all this time on our hands
all the kids have finally left the nest
But it’s just temporary – along come the grands
-say farewell to that well deserved rest.

In the sizzling sixties we’ve come to the peak
We’ve gone past all the worries and fear!
Just keep warm, take the meds and endure the odd creak
-cos’ it’s really all downhill from here!.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

What's It All For?

All the joints creaking, bone grinding on bone
An everyday struggle some face all alone

A heart that consistently beats out of time
Telling how sadly it’s now past its prime

Blood pressure borderline, lungs in a mess
Chronic conditions causing great distress

Forgetting some things just recently done
Yet can remember when was twenty one

Poor circulation and feeling the cold
      It’s such a curse when one slowly grows old

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Ode To The Word

Spicy words with lots of bite, 
Soaring words like birds in flight 
Fancy words in fancy poses, 
Floral words that smell of roses 
Rainbow words in vibrant hues 
Black and white ones spreading news 
Icy words that chill the bones 
Hurtful words in angry tones 
Multi level words of love 
Words below and words above 
Words forever sinking ships 
Or cascading over lips 
words that break down or create 
Killing words and words that hate 
Silent words inside the head 
Thought provoking - left unsaid 
Spoken softly in hushed tone 
Words in clusters, words alone 
Some in rhythm, some in rhyme 
Many just a waste of time 
Words that often run amuck 
Dirty words like shit and fuck 
Words of fiction, words of fact 
Diplomatic words of tact 
Foreign words from far off places 
Words to fill in empty spaces 
Words that mean the most to me 
my baby's first, sheer poetry. 
But whether brilliant or absurd 
Life does revolve around the word

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Whispers Of Your Heart

There is a quiet in my life only your whisper brings
I listen in the silence to the music your heart sings
I rest upon your loving thoughts, enjoying peace of mind
Inside that peaceful tenderness only with you I’d find

There are no hidden feelings, everything is very clear
We ride the truth together, there’s no hurry or no fear
Just living in the moment for whatever it may give
No thoughts of any other thing - the moment’s where we live

You have another life - another true reality
We both accept that’s how it is - it is the same for me
But when I need that quiet space to let my feelings roam
The whispers of your loving heart are there to take me home

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

This Time

My search for someone just like you has been so very long

Many times I thought I’d found you, every time I’m wrong
I started to believe maybe I’m meant to be alone
Thinking maybe my destiny’s to live life on my own

I have a strong belief system however, so you see
Eternally optimistic is the only way for me
When once again I find myself dejected and alone
I pick my shattered pieces up and seek a peaceful zone

Just recently a promising development has come
I’m hopeful that this time may be a permanent outcome
We have some things in common that are very clear to see
The challenges you had to face have been the same for me

But as the age old saying goes ‘the proof’s not in the pud’
We need to taste before we’ll know if it is any good
At least we both are well prepared, we know the trials we face
And hopefully together we will find that happy space.

Stars whisper across continents, an ocean and a sea
The karma of the universe connects to you and me
With all I am, and all I have I give to guide you true
Just know your future and my love is waiting here for you.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Please Yourself - I Don't Mind At All

Love me or hate me
Even underrate me
As long as you read me 
That’s all you need do 
Your imagination
determines translation
through interpretation
from its point of view

Whatever I’m feeling
Or maybe concealing
I hope is revealing
Through words that I write
It’s all about rhyming
And sometimes the timing
Assists in the climbing
To another height

Creative it may be
But it can be lonely
When dealing especially
with immature minds
However the upside
From outside to inside
when there’s nothing to hide
It’s logic that binds

So love me or hate me
Even underrate me
As long as you read me 
That’s all you need do
Your imagination
determines translation
through interpretation
from its point of view

Saturday, 9 February 2013

All In A Day

A glimpse of perfection in every way 
Watching the sun rising on a new day 

A morning unsullied, untouched, unabused 
A new leaf in a book, opening up to be used 

A clean empty page waiting, yet to be read 
What will be written?, what will be said? 

Will it start with a roar and wind down to a slow? 
To whom will it honour, and where will it go? 

Will it rise like the Phoenix, then fall back to ashes..? 
Dropping like tears through dark, sooty lashes 

Will all of the facets of living march through? 
Showing lives filled with everyday nothing to do 

Will hopeful and hopeless keep hanging around? 
Both looking for something not easily found 

Mothers give birth…an old soul flies away 
What else might happen, could happen today?

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Looking For A Change

If I could take a moment, 
just one moment in my day
and find a really quite space 
where I could hide away
I'd close out all reality, 
and open up a fantasy;
and wait to see what there might be;
that just might make me stay.

Some people come into my life 
and never ever know
how deeply I'm affected 
when it's time for them to go
They bring out all that's best in me, 
I think I've found my destiny
and when they leave, the rest of me
is shattered by the blow

I think I have a right to love, 
and be loved in return
To walk right through the fire of love 
and never feel the burn
I give myself so passionately, 
it weakens me emotionally,
then blame myself absolutely 
because I never learn.

So let me find this moment, 
in a space somewhere out there
To heal the painful memories 
from hearts that didn't care
Abandoning the human race, 
I doubt I'd ever leave that place
And never ever need to face 
another sad affair.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Life Is Poetry Is Life..

Shrouded by mystery, and all things unknown 
Out where free spirits and angels have flown 
Sailing the fringe of surreality... 
Letting my imagination roam free 

Captured by laughter or saddened by tears 
Stunned by surprises or triggered by fears 
Breathless with views of a creamy full moon 
Feeling the brilliance of nature in bloom 

Everything, everywhere adds to the mix 
Giving to me that delectable fix 
Calming my senses and feeding my mind 
Helping my creative spirit to find 

Anything to help to keep it on track 
Sun on my face and the wind at my back 
But then again things quite normal will do 
Every day things enjoyed by me and you 

Within the space of an average day's span 
Creating beauty according to plan 
Life in unfolding revealing that side 
Most often times it tries so hard to hide 

Simply a case of being in the right place 
When life surreptitiously shows us her face 
I’ll do what is needed as long as it leads 
To filling the glass of my poetic needs

Friday, 1 February 2013

Tui In My Kowhai Tree

I saw a Tui yesterday high in my kowhai tree
I was enchanted by the bell like tones it sang for me

Keeping still I strained my eyes to catch a glimpse of him
Or maybe her, I wasn't sure, the light within was dim

It really is distinctive, the song of this lovely creature
Also known as parson bird, a white throat tuft its' feature

Feathers black but caught in sunlight; shots of varied greens
shimmering and shining as it poses, primps and preens

A yellow kowhai blossom slowly drifted to the ground
Connected with a thousand others scattered all around.

Dropped and scattered by this busy nectar sipping bird.
Fascinated, as I watched, it dropped a little turd;

However wearing birdy poop was worth the price to pay
To see that lovely Tui in my kowhai tree that day