Monday, 31 December 2012

We Pass This Way But Once

Our world is really very small compared to time and space
We sometimes over simplify our universal place

Things we really need to live like water, sun and air
We so much take for granted in the minding of their care

We get ourselves hooked into things, not really ours to do
And when it turns to custard as these things tend to do

Instead of letting go of it and leaving it alone
We hold to it possessively like a contentious bone

We forget other creatures live and share our global nest
We go along like idiots and disregard the rest

I sometimes think we're all a part of this great Master plan
That something, somewhere crafted it anticipating Man;
would stumble bumble through his life devising other ways;
of trying to be in control of how he lived his days

Inevitably we each must make that final curtain call
but as we leave the stage I doubt we've understood at all!.

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Old Soon Be New

I’m taking account of this year almost gone
Recalling the details of each pro and con
And what I conclude as this year’s put to rest
As years come and go; it’s not one of my best

There’s been some experiences borderline bad
And others that can only be described as sad
The passing away of close family and friends
Inevitable sure, but there's pain when it ends.

Some misguided choices gave bother a bit
By trying to help others out of the shit
It has been a long year for working as well
And winter especially, the cold gave me hell

But life with its mystery always finds a way
To balance the books at the end of the day
There’ll always be challenges we each must face
Turned into experiences time can’t erase

Important remembering each year that has gone
Archived into memories where they belong
That reflects the life of the person that’s you…..
to farewell the old, while welcoming the new.

Happy New Year!

Friday, 28 December 2012

The Nature Of Nature

The sea gave a burp; made a coast disappear
We suddenly notice the sky has a tear
Seems the nature of nature is nothing to fear
Because nothing changes much year after year

Where once was a town, now a big, empty space
Notoriously famous this volcanic place
Seems the nature of nature is nothing to fear
Because nothing changes much year after year

The earth rips apart with a scream and a roar
And weeks and months later it rips apart more
Seems the nature of nature is nothing to fear
Because nothing changes much year after year

A tanker gets stuck and spills oil out at sea
Killing a natural home for many
Seems the nature of nature is nothing to fear
Because nothing changes much year after year

The nature of nature has serious powers
Will always and ever be stronger than ours
We ignore her clear warnings year after year
Seems the nature of man is beyond any fear

Thursday, 27 December 2012

One Day At A Time

Life's all about reaction
As through its halls we crawl
It starts with our conception
And where in life we fall

We all need some protection
With the roads we choose to take
Life generates connection
But the choice is ours to make

In choices there's selection
Often difficult to know
It also brings deception
As experience will show

We all gather a collection
of living as we go
Will it end in satisfaction?
Only time will tell us so.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Web Creatures

Phantoms in the mind gather
Enter, on cue, shapeless blurs, fade to grey.
Shadows prance and dance through confusion.
Silhouettes flirting, pheromone spurting

Feral, eyes wide, sleep deprived, looking for a fix..
Seeking consolation, wanting absolution

Phantoms in the mind meet, greet
Gimmicky mimics rhyme in time, rhythm sublime..

Wordy birdies roar and caw, sometimes claw
Heaven huggers teach and preach, occasional screech

Rabid radicals fight, bite, convinced their view is right
Treading the threads, bouncing the boards

Phantoms in the mind, are in da house!
Suspicious, malicious, vindictive, selective,

Reclusive, abusive, flirtatious, outrageous
Cyber travelers on cyber highways
Phantoms in the mind addiction sated, cruise through

Monday, 24 December 2012

Seasons Greetings From My Home To Yours

Christmas is upon us, time to send a festive cheer
To all my friends and whanau who have touched my life this year
May all your hopes and wishes for your Christmas come to call
Mine has been long term given in the knowing of you all.

Be safe, enjoy this celebration that comes once a year
Remember those who are no longer in our lives to share
We know we all are richer as each loved one we recall
Who, in their passing left such lovely memories for us all.

I raise a glass of sparkling light and send much love your way
To you and yours wherever in our lovely world you stay
A special Christmas wish to what has been our global mall
The Internet - the most fantastic forum of them all!.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Love Back - No Interest

It’s a puzzle to me, has been for a while
He’s so distant to me it weakens my smile
I don’t know what else I can do just to show
He means more to me than even he’ll ever know

I think of us, dream of us, deeply in love
Our bodies entwined like a hand in a glove
My mind takes my heart on this wonderful ride
And ends up with feelings of him deep inside

Inside that sweet place where my passions all lie
Where emotions stir and my loneliness cries
I love him so much he is truly the one
How can I do more than I’ve already done?

I’ve written him many sweet poems in here
And posted each one with a kiss and a prayer
But nothing comes back to me, nothing at all
I’m thinking well maybe I’ve hit a brick wall

I wonder if even just friends we will be
He does take my interest so casually
I think I might just take the hint and move on
And accept his heart to me will never belong.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Last Ocean

(inspired by the Ross Sea documentary)

When the seas are all fished and no longer in pain
Eco systems destroyed for mans' financial gain
Gone all the places where marine life once thrived
What will be weeping when the oceans have died.?

When the last of the birds disappear from the sky
No more to be seen gliding gently on high
Just like the forests once filled with their song
What will be weeping when all that is gone?

Where jungles once sparkled and air was pristine
Spectacular beauty, untamed, clean and green
Replaced by the ugly evidence of man
Tell me, what will be weeping at his master plan?

When our beautiful world finally gives up its ghost
Conceding defeat to its unworthy host
When there are no tomorrows because we've lost the plot
What will be weeping? - the future - that's what!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Open Mind

Shrouded by mystery, and all things unknown
Out where free spirits and angels have flown
Sailing the fringe of surreality...
That’s where my imagination takes me

Captured by laughter or saddened by tears
Stunned by surprises or triggered by fears
Breathless with views of a creamy full moon
or by the brilliance of nature in bloom

Everything, everywhere adds to the mix
Giving to me that delectable fix
Soothing my spirit and feeding my mind
Leaving my weaknesses far, far behind

Little by little encouraging me
To understand this is how it should be
accepting things quite normal will do too
Every day things enjoyed by me and you

Within the space of an average day's range
In the familiar, where nothing is strange
Grateful am I with my functioning brain
Shows me the difference ‘twixt fancy and plain

Only one thing though about all of this
Once thinking starts it can still go amiss
Only because in a roundabout way
It has no perception of time sad to say.

Then there this problem unfortunately
Poems like these go on indefinitely
So it will be until someone has found
A way to totally close the mind down

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Make Me A Philosophy

Make me a philosophy
Shape and mould it
just for me
Add just the right
touch of wit
Tone it down
a little bit
Please ensure
the words will be
Finish on
a classic note
Worthy of a Plato vote
Universe please
hear my plea
Make me a philosophy

Friday, 14 December 2012


My heart went zing, my eyes popped out when you came striding in
The way your body moved across the room was such a sin
A rippling apparition of raw masculinity
Your cloud of phenomenal fragrance wafting over me

My mouth was salivating fast and so was something else
My nervous disposition had me trembling like a mouse
You stood before me hands on hips and gave a sexy wink
I shivered uncontrollably, I couldn’t even think

My legs are getting weaker and I think I’m going to fall
The stupid way I’m acting’s wonder I can stand at all
It’s not as if you’re doing anything to frighten me
I suffer from what’s known as sexual insecurity

Don’t ask me what that’s suppose to mean I haven’t got a clue
I’m pretty sure it’s all about what you’re about to do 
Just then the music started and you shook your sexy arse
And twenty others just like me began your Zumba class.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Words Failed Me 2

I drove into the motel forecourt, parked where you had said
Our two year love connection online pounding in my head
You said “ I have to meet you, I need for you to know,
I’m flying out to tell you just how much I love you so!”

The curtains at the window twitched at Unit 24
My heart was racing madly as I walked towards the door
I shivered even though the sun sailed clear and cloudless skies
A sudden sharp migraine was building up behind my eyes

I knew these things were a result of nervousness and stress
I tapped upon the door and smoothed and straightened up my dress
The door was slowly opened by the one I’d come to see
You looked so very different from my webcam memory

Our eyes met and we both were nervous it was plain to see
But then you smiled and all my doubts and all my fears left me.
I said “ Hello there you!” and shyly offered you my hand
“I hope you had a lovely flight, and welcome to my land”

You said my name - your voice was liquid honey from the comb
Your big hand captured mine, at last my lonely heart was home
“At last we meet” you whispered, as you closed the door behind
“it’s really you - the one I’ve come ten thousand miles to find”.

Well that was it, there wasn’t any more that could be said
We now were in the real world no longer in our heads
We knew exactly what it was that we’d both waited for
We jumped each others’ bones before our clothes had hit the floor

All through that day and through the night we were insatiable
I finally got to know some things I thought impossible
When we stopped to catch our breath or have a bite to eat
I’d lie back smiling languidly and play you with my feet

My toes, you said excited you - were perfect as could be
And then the strangest thing happened quite unexpectedly
As we were trying out a really complicated move

                             To Be Continued..

Monday, 10 December 2012

Politics, Shmolitics!

Inspired by the politics of many people here
I’d like to vent my fifty cents with stuff I’d like to share
The controversial policies that we are subject to
And all the legislation that our leaders let pass through

Are something that has come about because we have a vote
Unfortunately, we gullibly, believe the stuff they quote
Each pre election promise is a promise meant to free
us from those broken promises that were made previously

It’s just a bloody carousel – goes round and round and round
Forever in an endless spin that keeps us off the ground
Without that strong stability of solid leadership
We drift ad hoc through life just like a sad rudderless ship

It is a sad but profound truth that’s very clear to see
Bad leadership’s not exclusive to any one country
You never have to look too far to see a world in pain
A pain that rules our lives and minds inhuman and insane

A pain that robs us of our rights – a universal thief
A political carcinogen from which there’s no relief
Life itself is governed by the science of politics
And unprepared we are to know what’s in its bag of tricks

The bottom line is no one person knows just how to rule
To teach even the basics of good leadership there’s no school
Leaders will come and play their part, make havoc, then be gone
But politics like life itself rolls nonchalantly on.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

A Haiku Triangle

Four Seasons - Haiku 1.
 Love writing haiku
Can say such a lot of things
With very few words

Take seasonal change;
Describing an autumn day
Leaves changing colour

Or a winter scene
Snow and ice and chilly days
And cosy log fires

Then along comes Spring
Trees in blossom, birds nesting
New life everywhere

Summer, golden days
of holidays, laughter and
Christmas down under

Wanda Had A Little Lamb - Haiku 2.
When I was younger
I had this little pet lamb
Her name was Milly

One day, after school
Went outside to play with her
and she wasn’t there

Asked Mum where she was
Mum told me to go ask Dad
He said she’s left home

I said “Why Daddy?”
He said “I’ll tell you later
Let’s go have dinner”

We sat down to eat
I said “ yum what’s for dinner?”
“Lamb chops” said Mummy

Eureka, I Have It! - Haiku 3.
 Suddenly, a thought
appears out of nothing much;
changing perception.

Changing perception
creates a ripple effect
changing history

Changing history
is just simply the fallout
from a sudden thought.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Words Failed Me

I had a weird experience - was very strange indeed
It’s made me wonder at the things that people think they need
It takes all sorts to make a world and that is very true
It also made me wonder why they do the things they do

I want to leave my readers in no doubt that what I write
Did really truly happen and it gave me such a fright
I was in a hotel room you see - a Poets’ Seminar
The day’s event had ended - drinks were lined up at the bar

I’d just popped in the shower, was relaxing in the flow
I wanted to be all refreshed for dinner and a show
I hesitated, then recalled I’d left my sliding doors
wide open, but thought, what the heck! below are seven floors

Well first of all I’ll start by saying I was here alone
When suddenly from my bedroom - a crash and then a groan
Well when I heard that awful moaning just outside the door
In instant fright I dropped the soap and wash cloth on the floor

Now here’s the thing - I’d left my towelling robe upon my bed
Along with all my lingerie, brand new and scarlet red
A skimpy wet wash cloth was just as useless as could be
There was no way that it could hide the private parts of me

Oh what to do? I shivered as I stood there dripping wet
Here was I stark naked in a shower cum toilet
Outside waiting for me was something only God would know
And even worse I’m going to miss my dinner and a show

Then suddenly was silence and the moaning was no more
I gathered up my courage and slowly opened the door
Quietly but nervously I peeked into the room
Twilight was just falling as I peered into the gloom

First thing that I noticed was my brand new underwear
Whirling from the ceiling fan and flying through the air
Forgetting I was in the nude I strode across the room

                      .........To Be Continued…….

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Tree Story

If we were meant to be a tree
with roots we would be born.
We’d stand unmoving every night
and still be there at dawn.

We’d wear an ever changing face
as seasons come and go.
The Spring would wake us into life
after the Winter’s snow.

The Summer breeze would play around
and shake our leafy bowers;
Autumn passing through drops in
dripping with April showers…

Birds would nest, and take their rest
Inside our branches high
Some of us are rather small
While others touch the sky

The only ones to shake us from
That place in which we stand
To make a better life for him
The ever transient man

He cruelly rips us from our homes
To build his little towers
But what goes round will come again
We will reclaim what’s ours.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Summers And Lakes And Stuff

Summer holidays we’d all go swimming in the lake
Swimming togs already on, our towels were all we’d take
Only took two minutes walk to get right to the beach
Holidays at Nanny’s and the lake in easy reach
Nanny was a weaver and used *flax to make small kits
Use to watch her weaving, making magic from flax bits
Her flax baskets could be used for almost anything
She would sit upon the ground and as she worked she’d sing
She’d give us a small kit and wave us off and say have fun
we’d fill our kit with *koura for our lunch when we were done
Nothing could be sweeter than those summers from the past
In that moment everything was always going to last

Life is truly wonderful when one is only seven
Sun so warm, skies so blue and God is in his heaven

Not too long ago I took a drive back to the lake
Felt kind of nostalgic, took a look for old times sake
Stopped in to my Nanny’s place, a brother now lives there
Very changed, but still can feel my Nanny’s spirit near
As I stopped the car and took a long look at the lake
What I saw was devastating, gave me such heartache
Had to walk right to the water’s edge there was no sand
Now there’s all this rotting weed and empty soda cans
Floating on the water now an ugly shade of green;
stretching far as I could see a hazy, oily sheen
Happy memories are all that’s left for me to take
of holidays and summer days and swimming in the lake

Monday, 3 December 2012

Solus - One Alone

I am what I am,
nothing more, nothing less
I am nothing except what you see.

I do what I do because I can,
I am in this life to live it
I shall leave it knowing I did that.

I entered this life not by choice,
but I’m here for the moment
So by choice I am momentarily here

I concede nothing to anyone
I rise or I fall on my own
With or without fanfare

I am what I am,
nothing more, nothing less
I am nothing except what you see.