Monday, 11 November 2013


I've had lots of romance come into my life 
and almost as quickly depart. 
Each fatal attraction began with the eyes 
and worked its way down to my heart

I really should have learned; after the first 
and tried to move on with some cool. 
But one drink of love only deepened my thirst 
I tried it again - what a fool!.

But once I'd accepted my stupidity 
and taken some time out to think 
I did a self audit to get clarity 
and finally decided love's stink

I said to myself “Self you need to get real, 
and focus on what you're good at; 
forget all those muscleheads copping a feel 
you can do much better than that!

Get into life girl - grab on to its’ shorts 
You’re getting nowhere where you are 
Your viewpoint of love has a serious distort 
and all you'll have left is the scar!!”

The wisdom of self I accept gratefully 
who better to give me advice 
but no matter how far away it might be 
I'd like to find somebody nice

A wonderful lover who'll be my best friend 
Intelligent, loyal and kind 
Preferably a poet, or some-one like that 
He must have a creative mind

I hope it will happen – well maybe it might 
I’ve had enough practice I know 
I know that he's out there, my true Mr Right 
But when is he going to show???

Sunday, 10 November 2013


So many things inspire me 
when I am writing poetry

A stunning view of mountains white
The beauty of a starry night, 

Seasons changing, rivers flowing, 
flowers blooming, breezes blowing

Crowded streets and quiet byways, 
country lanes and super highways

Romantic dinners, cosy chats
Skipping pebbles and silly hats

Humming birds outside my window
Headless horsemen, Sleepy Hollow

Come to bed eyes, sensual looks
Fashion statements, history books

I could go on and on all day
With all these thoughts that come my way

A Higher Power, a summer day
An autumn shower, a donkey’s bray

A Harley guy, a groupie girl
A tiny ballet dancer’s twirl

Children's laughter in a park
The comfort of my puppy’s bark

But now I'm bored and getting tired
My thinking neurons all been fired

But when I'm writing poetry
So many things inspire me

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

An Insight To My Soul (A Kyrielle )

My poetry creates for me
My beliefs and philosophy
I hope each write will clearly show
The poet I want you to know

My thoughts I pull from everywhere
and analyse each one with care
You’ll see within the written flow
The poet I want you to know

My passion’s in my poetry
Reveals the very soul of me
This insight to my life will show
The poet I want you to know 

My poetry creates for me
The poet I want you to know

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Who Grows Poetry?

Does poetry grow the poet - or the poet, poetry?
I’ve thought about this many times it often puzzles me

When William Butler Yeats sat thinking in his writing chair
I wonder what inspired “cloths of heaven” to appear.. 

Those sonnets from Neruda, all those odes to love and life
were lovingly created because he adored his wife

I think most poetry’s triggered by experiencing life -
- by times of sad, and times of glad, of turmoil and of strife?

Reading through the history of those poets now long gone
The more I read their poetry the more I get turned on

But one day if the question ever should be asked of me
Did poetry grow you poet? Or did you grow poetry?

I’ll pause just for an instant before I simply smile and say
“I haven’t found the answer yet so kindly go away”….

Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Gift of Quiet

Out in that nothingness where silent lives
Inside the serenity that it gives
Warmed by that quiet filled nothingness space
That’s where my thoughts find their own special place

There they find solace in sweet meditation 
Turning those thoughts into sweet inspiration
Clearing reality out of my mind
Clutter of living all left far behind

So beautiful in its simplicity
Feeling my karma empowering me
Surrendering to an ethereal song
Finally back where I truly belong

Echoes of living, retreat with the day
Dark creeps in slowly as light slips away
Setting a process for thoughts to take flight
Tranquility touches the silence of night

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Summer (a nonet)

Floating on my back in the ocean

Sun nice and warm upon my face
Seabirds flying overhead
Ocean peaceful and calm
Summer holidays
are here again
and that means
life is

A nonet has nine lines. The first line has nine syllables, the second line eight syllables, the third line seven syllables, etc... until line nine finishes with one syllable. It can be on any subject and rhyming is optional.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Sunset (a septolet)


setting low
below the horizon
farewells day

filtering in
welcomes the night

The septolet is a poem consisting of 7 lines containing 14 words with a break in between the 2 parts. Both parts deal with the same thought and create a picture. 

Thursday, 5 September 2013

A Moment Please

Oh tell me something please because I really want to know
Just where in actuality do all our moments go?

I know they must go somewhere because they were really here
But what’s the next stage of their journey when they disappear

I’ve taken to breaking my life down to each basic part
Believe me it’s not easy – I found problems at the start

It does become a passion once you find the right beginning
Sometimes with little successes I even break out singing

But seriously folks there are some things can be quite deep
In fact - I kid you not, it’s often difficult to sleep

I made a promise to myself one day long, long ago
To live life in the moment and to just go with its’ flow

And for the most part it has been great I’ve had no need to doubt
But now I feel there’s more to it that I have to find out

So if there is a font of wisdom in my universe
That has a meaningful response to this accursed curse

I’d be so very grateful as my cyber hugs will show
Oh tell me pretty please where do those bloody moments go?

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The "Dark" Side

Shoes dangling
from high wires
draw the eye..
squealing tyres

just ahead kids
pour out of park
some still be there
come dark..

in their hoodies
drinking, fighting
…on fences writing
 In the park
After dark
Broken glass,
smoking grass

Up the road, out of sight
voices raised, family fight
Money lost
on the slots
 Sound of slap, crying
Dishes flying..

Normal day in the ‘hood
It’s all good…
Nothing new & 
right on cue
Prowling through
…the boys in blue


Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Dreams And Little Angels

In the dark, the quiet dark, as I lie in my bed
Waiting for the dream weaver to come inside my head
Often I would contemplate on things I did today
Thoughts turned to this morning when I heard my moko say

‘Nanny, can I stay home please, I really don’t feel well
I sighed- oh here we go again, here comes the super sell!
I tried to get my focus as he eyed me with a frown
Making space as he slid underneath my eiderdown

‘I don’t feel very well and I’m feeling really funny,
It’s very sore and so’s my head so can I stay home Nanny?’
‘How about I write a note to Whaea Pam – okay?; 
tell her to excuse you from the swimming pool today?’

‘Ummm, ok Nanny but that means that I will have to go
and stay in Whaea Sally’s class and watch a video!’
‘Oh dear,’ I said ‘well maybe not, then best we call the doc -
and if we hurry we might get in before it’s nine o’clock!’

‘He just might say - you’ll be okay - to go to school today!’
And if he does then we can drop you off there right away
Not a word was spoken from the small lump in my bed
But I could hear the wheels of thinking turning in his head

Then from underneath the covers came this little squeak
Very muffled, very quiet, so I took a peek
Two big eyes, quite bright and clear were staring up at me
Not a trace upon that face of illness could I see 

I’m feeling better Nanny, so I think I’ll go to school
But I don’t want to go with Whaea to the swimming pool
I’ll write a note I said, and now it’s time to rise and shine
He’d rather go to school than to the doc’s - this imp of mine!

In the dark, the quiet dark, as I lie in my bed
Waiting for the dream weaver to come inside my head
As usual, before I sleep and start to drift away
I send a silent thank you for the blessings of my day.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Dumb Breeds Dumber

Man is such a sanctimonious species
He actually thinks there’s no smell to his faeces
He writes all these laws from out of some space
And ignores the natural ones already in place
If it wasn’t so pathetic it would be funny
This desperate obsession with power and money
Acts of abuse right across global zones
Focus on getting rich while poverty moans
Man is the one who created the law
He never took note of the ones here before
Those basic and simple rules made to provide
All of the good things one needs to survive
Ripped out the trees to create paper cash
Created big landfills for human made trash
Changing the things Mother Earth set in lore
Feeding his greed by exploiting her core
Dig deep enough and he’ll soon hit a nerve
And then he will get what he’ll justly deserve
Did he think that those earthquakes appeared by a fluke?
Well they came as a result of places he nuked
With his fancy pants weapons, his need to control
He’s such an ungrateful pathetic arsehole
He can’t say he’s never been warned from his birth
You kill Mother Nature, you’re killing the earth
One day her message is going to get through            
And the smell that results will be much more than poo

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Old Friends (Haiku)

There is totally
nothing in this universe
quite like an old friend

Their contribution
to your life extends above
and beyond the norm..

Their entire concern
for your total well being
- unconditional!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Moments In Time

If I could choose one moment in my life to ponder on
Eliminating everything that I depend upon
I'd probably take forever contemplating everything
And take more than one lifetime just in deliberating

My life has been a steady flow of insignificance
and never really changes much by fate or circumstance
However in the realms of everything that's possible
I still feel like I'm waiting for something incredible.

Meanwhile, while I wait, I think I'll just continue on
Meandering through each moment just in case it comes along
It's highly more than likely though I just might very well
Grow old and grey just sitting here - without a tale to tell.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Philosophicalish Me

Sky is overcast and grey but I’m alive and breathing
That makes it a good day and gives living it some meaning
Sometimes feeling very old, I’m past all expectations
Winter does this every time, demands self explorations

Quietly in contemplation looking down life’s journey
Wondering about the things that life decided for me
Considering the impacts from the mild to the extremes
Recalling distant yearnings and those unrequited dreams

Life and people moving on and so it will always be
Many touch my life then leave until there is only me
It’s all those little things in life that shape our universe
Accepting it is what it is - a blessing or a curse

Our destiny’s to roll with everything life brings our way
That has been my experience there’s not much more to say
Just live each moment given but just know eventually
Those moments have a cut off date - and so sadly do we.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

My Beautiful (Ada Is Her Name)

 I had a dream and in this dream my beautiful was there
She said “I’ll see you later boy!” I said “You come back here!!”
She answered back “you got 10 others boy - we’re all the same”;
I said “there’s one my beautiful – and Ada is her name!”

She turned and took my hand and said “This thing is mine to do,
you know that when I start something, I always see it through”
You’ll be ok there’s 10 still there, you know we’re all the same!!”
I said “I need my beautiful – and Ada is her name!”

Then from the shadows just beyond two images appeared
One big and tall, the other small - both smiling, silver haired
My beautiful said “Here they are, I called out and they came”
They came to take my beautiful – and Ada is her name!

The selfishness, the wanting with my soul to have her here
Has lessened now I know she’s with our Mum and Dad somewhere
What lingers still and always will – the everlasting pain
That in this life I’ll never see my beautiful again…

My beautiful has always been so beautiful to me
As in this dream as well as life unto eternity
I know there are 10 others and she’s right, we are the same;
But none are like my beautiful – and Ada is her name!.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Leap Of Faith

Life is ever changing, always re arranging
And into its flow we all go…
We pause in our living of taking and giving
to balance the fast with the slow

Life unfolds its story, in all of its glory
It builds word by word, line by line
Each page, every chapter, each critical factor
Is always a personal design…

Like Genesis rising, it’s not so surprising
we all need a point to begin.
Our painful arrival, and length of survival
Is part of the mix we’re all in..

Life makes all the choices, it hears not our voices
Each book is a life that’s brand new
There’s tweaking and blending, right up to the ending, 
Life does all the editing too.

Each life that it’s giving, we’re meant to be living
So live it right down to your soul
Forget backward glances, there’s no second chances
There’s only one shot at the goal…

Friday, 21 June 2013

Wake Up Call

Dark thoughts enter uninvited, 
..yawning with disdain
Nonchalantly settle in 
to gate keep once again
Once again the challenge enters, 
like it did before..
Once again I’m unprepared 
for that knock on the door

Not much one can do about it 
but look on and sigh;
Hoping that a miracle 
may drop out of the sky
No-one’s bullet proof 
no matter what the expert says
Many of us know those bullets
come in many ways..

I like to get on with life 
- not worry what might be
There is always someone else
who’s much worse off than me
Faith keeps those who keep the faith 
be focused and you'll see
Friends will help to carry you 
through great adversity

Strategy I use when 
contemplating what to do..
Not the only one but it’s
the stronger one of two..
Open up my computer
let inspiration flow
Into my world of poetry
I confidently go..

Nothing is impossible
when I am in that zone
I can see forever 
with my friends or on my own
All I need is keep the faith
inside me every day.
Faith, my friends, my poetry
help take the dark away..

Monday, 3 June 2013

Ode To Aging

The process of aging can be traumatic
But then again for some not so dramatic
However there are things that come with the role
Impacting in some way on body and soul

We often forget what we no longer see
Memory seems shorter than it used to be
One time it was nouveau to memorise things
and take on forever what forever brings

Clear recollections of moments in spaces
Flowed with the pleasures of people and places
When quickness of sharp minds marked sweet days of youth
Shaping experiences from life’s constant truth

But aging like seasons within their own rhyme
Change slowly, inevitably over time
On our contributions we rise or we fall
And hope it’s the good stuff that gets the recall

When I reach that great state of maturity
Well - if it’s the will of the powers that be
I hope when I look back at all I have done
It will be enough to have life say “well done!”

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Waters Of The Moon

A golden summer moon hangs low and heavy in the night
Night birds show out in silhouette against her glowing light 
While warm and fragrant winds blow sweet across a quiet lagoon
The moonlight gleams, on crystal streams, from waters of the moon.

Two lovers, arms around each other, stroll beside the sea
The music of the moonlight serenades them tenderly
Knowing that the magic of the night will be gone soon
They plan their schemes, as crystal streams from waters of the moon

Together they make promises and seal each with a kiss
No matter what their future it can never better this
The music of the night plays out its universal tune
And sings of dreams, and crystal streams from waters of the moon.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A Poem A Day

Living a poem’s much more than its words.. 
More fragrant than flowers, or soaring of birds 
Extends far beyond all perception of time 
It challenges reason, it amplifies rhyme 

It pulsates across every possible zone 
With conceptions that are virtually unknown 
The romance, the passion, the sweet mystery 
Is there in the beauty of life’s poetry 

Poetic words impact on emotions deep 
Fuel imagination, makes elusive - sleep 
Poetry’s an affliction, one needs to take care 
A sweet, sweet addiction so buyer beware 

In poetry as in life there are few basic rules 
Life will suffer madly the wisdom of fools 
However, what life through a poem may say 
Try at least once living - a poem a day

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Life – A PoemII

Poetry is all life and all life’s poetry. 
The living of it creates our history 
It clings to our day through the things that we do 
Pulsates through our nights in the dreams we pursue 

Poetry is right there in the things we all see 
Inspiring, transpiring, aspiring us to be 
May come complicated or in a smooth way 
In waking or sleeping, in work or at play 

In patterns and colours - in quiet, with sounds 
In everyday actions our living surrounds 
We each have our habits exclusive to us 
Performing each with or without any fuss 

Our lives are all different and always unique 
We struggle but manage our strengths with our weak 
Our lives, as we live it has structures essential, 
And each structural part has poetic potential. 

We limit ourselves, yet we are limitless 
How great is our being is anyone’s guess 
We control those things we want others to know 
And hold back on things that we don’t want to show 

Emotions are ruled by the head and the heart 
Of life’s ebbs and flows we are always a part 
Through rhyme and with reason our lives clearly show 
We move to the beat of a poetic flow

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Sweet Confession

I openly confess a love that goes beyond the norm 
A passion filled devotion that would challenge any storm 

It rises of its own volition - from a power base 
Established in imagination, never face to face 

Unquestioning, strategically created by the heart 
Where logical and common sense will never play a part 

For time there is no meaning here and distance even less 
A place where light and darkness merge in shadowy caress 

This warm, hypnotic space accentuates my state of being 
Confirms the surreality that some things need no “seeing”. 

It’s said that love is timeless and my choice transcends all time 
This love born out of sweet “hello” has now been forged in rhyme

Friday, 17 May 2013

Seasons Of Life

 The skies outside are grey, rain falls as winter settles in 
The naked trees sway drunkenly into the savage wind 
The changing face of Nature as the winter comes to call 
Becomes aloof and distant as it leaves behind the Fall 

Children in their innocence take seasons in their stride 
Not really sensing differences, content in or outside 
Our lives are similar to Nature in so many ways 
We have our rhythms, our routines that fill our nights and days 

Spring brings new beginnings, the rebirth of many things 
Summer is the time for fun and all that Christmas brings 
Autumn slows the pace right down preparing for a rest 
Before the Winter opens for her Icy Winterfest 

Where Nature’s role is infinite, ours tragically is not 
No matter how we wish it were, we only get one shot 
Seasons will come, seasons will go until eventually 
We carry on alone to meet our greater Destiny

Monday, 13 May 2013

Poetry For President

Tell me Poem President, I’d really like to know
How you built a whole campaign from your poetic flow?
Did you feel that strategy would be the way to go?
Did you seek advice from others also in the know?

Tel me Poem President, when you first felt the call
What was your game plan for this political football? 
Given there were others more experienced and all
Or did you just know you would not be the one to fall?

Tell me Poem President, after the race was run
There was nothing left to do, nothing was left undone
All the votes were counted and you’d definitely won
Was the deal to gain appeal -"Go hard, but make it fun"?

Oh yes Poem President, before I go away
And leave you in peace to re design our world today
Love your long term vision to keep misery at bay?
"Do the rhyme wins every time"; looks like you’re here to stay!!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Questions & Answers

(Q)  What is it that fills your mind
That stirs the essence of your being?
(A)  It could be that the truth I find
Disputes the knowing from the seeing

(Q)  Will it calm the raging tide
And sit you quietly to one side?
(A)  Depends on what has stirred the flame
And who or what accepts the blame

(Q)  Will it quiet your restless sigh
Where time needs not some filling?
(A)  Who knows; maybe the answers lie 
Beyond this time I’m killing

(Q)  Will you envision what should be
Upon the stage in which you play?
(A)  My audience will measure me 
By accolade will show the way

(Q)  Is there peace within your mind
In the sounds that echo wide?
(A)  Inner peace I hope to find
If love and laughter be my guide

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Life - A Journey

You can say at the end 
that life is your friend
and pretend to yourself that it's true
But life never chooses, 
there's no winners or losers
- we do what life wants us to do

Be we early or late, 
sometimes life makes us wait
for the message it finally sends
Through its ebbs and its flows ;
my friends, only life knows;
what awaits when our life’s journey ends

Monday, 29 April 2013

Winter Is A Wanker

The Winter I find, has just one thing in mind 
To keep all my body parts shivering 
And try as I might to put up a fight 
I can’t stop the punch it’s delivering 

I turn up the heat, put warm socks on my feet 
To stop all the quivering and quaking 
Though I’m turning quite blue, it skates right on through 
Ignoring my shuddering and shaking 

I dance on the spot till my temper gets hot 
But that heat doesn’t help me one bit 
I’ll not give in though, let it rain, let it snow 
I’ll not be the first one to quit 

I’m feeling quite ill with my huge power bill 
It’s my heat pump, it’s on every day 
But my friends it’s no joke, I’d much rather be broke 
Than let Winter have its wicked way. 

I can’t wait for Summer, Winter is a bummer 
Or maybe I’m just getting old 
No, that isn’t true, even though I’ve turned blue 
I’m just really pissed off by the cold.

Thursday, 25 April 2013


(For My Dad 1918 - 1993)

Over the years my Dad spoke of his life
Things that he did before he took a wife 
The one thing I'll always remember him say
Don't wait for tomorrow, be happy today

His stories were mainly of his growing years
The struggles, the hardship, the laughter, the tears
The one thing I always remember him say
There’s never tomorrow, there’s only today

He went overseas and he fought in a war
He never spoke much on the things that he saw
But one thing I'll always remember him say
There was no tomorrow, there was just today

I asked "in the war were you ever afraid?"
I knew that for many a high price was paid
He'd think for a moment then quietly say
We had no tomorrow, we just had today

I guess from his wisdom I’ve learned a few things
To live for each day and accept what it brings
So if someone asks for my guidance I’ll say
Just forget tomorrow, and live for today.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Aurora Australis

I saw the Southern Lights once
as I was travelling to the Bluff

I wasn’t driving so I had time
to feed my eyes.

Far across the Canterbury Plains
on its western horizon -

pulsating, constantly moving
ever changing glowing fantastic
light show mesmerised and hypnotised

and I thought, people should see
this phenomena for themselves

not on the documentary channel;
not on the internet, or in
National Geographic

but for real – with their own eyes
at least once….changes perception.

Really does.

Monday, 15 April 2013


One thought in mind for you to find
One promise made, one sigh delayed
One wish to make, one vow to take
a dream descending…

One heart, one soul in your control
One thought in prayer to keep you here
One life to live, one love to give
a dream ascending…

A search complete, two hearts, one beat
A journey done, two souls now one
A dream unending…

Thursday, 11 April 2013

This Is About Me

I have this creative desire
To write a poem flaming with fire
I want it to be - a reflection of me
That on reading will truly inspire

The theme is important I know
But if nothing else, has to show
It is absolutely – a reflection of me
In each line of its poetic flow

I want all the words to reveal
The side I try hard to conceal
So it's easy to see – that reflection of me
Is one that has world wide appeal

Now that I've planned what to write
that masterpiece filled with delight
that shows totally - that reflection of me
I think I might call it a night.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

A Space In Mind

There’s another life we build
that’s exclusive to we
Helping us to build this life 
is Serendipity
Everything important to our heart 
is gathered there
Special thoughts and precious dreams, 
are put in place with care

No-one is allowed to come
inside unless we say
We and Serendipity 
both planned it out that way
It’s a place within a space 
was built for us alone
Lessons learned from past mistakes
have helped create this zone

We believe that everyone
is looking for a space
When the troubles of the world
become too hard to face
It's never very far away;
nor is it hard to find
this place that's owned by everyone
is the kingdom of the mind.