Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Life - A Journey

You can say at the end 
that life is your friend
and pretend to yourself that it's true
But life never chooses, 
there's no winners or losers
- we do what life wants us to do

Be we early or late, 
sometimes life makes us wait
for the message it finally sends
Through its ebbs and its flows ;
my friends, only life knows;
what awaits when our life’s journey ends

Monday, 29 April 2013

Winter Is A Wanker

The Winter I find, has just one thing in mind 
To keep all my body parts shivering 
And try as I might to put up a fight 
I can’t stop the punch it’s delivering 

I turn up the heat, put warm socks on my feet 
To stop all the quivering and quaking 
Though I’m turning quite blue, it skates right on through 
Ignoring my shuddering and shaking 

I dance on the spot till my temper gets hot 
But that heat doesn’t help me one bit 
I’ll not give in though, let it rain, let it snow 
I’ll not be the first one to quit 

I’m feeling quite ill with my huge power bill 
It’s my heat pump, it’s on every day 
But my friends it’s no joke, I’d much rather be broke 
Than let Winter have its wicked way. 

I can’t wait for Summer, Winter is a bummer 
Or maybe I’m just getting old 
No, that isn’t true, even though I’ve turned blue 
I’m just really pissed off by the cold.

Thursday, 25 April 2013


(For My Dad 1918 - 1993)

Over the years my Dad spoke of his life
Things that he did before he took a wife 
The one thing I'll always remember him say
Don't wait for tomorrow, be happy today

His stories were mainly of his growing years
The struggles, the hardship, the laughter, the tears
The one thing I always remember him say
There’s never tomorrow, there’s only today

He went overseas and he fought in a war
He never spoke much on the things that he saw
But one thing I'll always remember him say
There was no tomorrow, there was just today

I asked "in the war were you ever afraid?"
I knew that for many a high price was paid
He'd think for a moment then quietly say
We had no tomorrow, we just had today

I guess from his wisdom I’ve learned a few things
To live for each day and accept what it brings
So if someone asks for my guidance I’ll say
Just forget tomorrow, and live for today.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Aurora Australis

I saw the Southern Lights once
as I was travelling to the Bluff

I wasn’t driving so I had time
to feed my eyes.

Far across the Canterbury Plains
on its western horizon -

pulsating, constantly moving
ever changing glowing fantastic
light show mesmerised and hypnotised

and I thought, people should see
this phenomena for themselves

not on the documentary channel;
not on the internet, or in
National Geographic

but for real – with their own eyes
at least once….changes perception.

Really does.

Monday, 15 April 2013


One thought in mind for you to find
One promise made, one sigh delayed
One wish to make, one vow to take
a dream descending…

One heart, one soul in your control
One thought in prayer to keep you here
One life to live, one love to give
a dream ascending…

A search complete, two hearts, one beat
A journey done, two souls now one
A dream unending…

Thursday, 11 April 2013

This Is About Me

I have this creative desire
To write a poem flaming with fire
I want it to be - a reflection of me
That on reading will truly inspire

The theme is important I know
But if nothing else, has to show
It is absolutely – a reflection of me
In each line of its poetic flow

I want all the words to reveal
The side I try hard to conceal
So it's easy to see – that reflection of me
Is one that has world wide appeal

Now that I've planned what to write
that masterpiece filled with delight
that shows totally - that reflection of me
I think I might call it a night.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

A Space In Mind

There’s another life we build
that’s exclusive to we
Helping us to build this life 
is Serendipity
Everything important to our heart 
is gathered there
Special thoughts and precious dreams, 
are put in place with care

No-one is allowed to come
inside unless we say
We and Serendipity 
both planned it out that way
It’s a place within a space 
was built for us alone
Lessons learned from past mistakes
have helped create this zone

We believe that everyone
is looking for a space
When the troubles of the world
become too hard to face
It's never very far away;
nor is it hard to find
this place that's owned by everyone
is the kingdom of the mind.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

When I Rest At The Feet Of Poetry (A Villinelle)

When I rest at the feet of Poetry
Within that calm space I find peace
There’s no other place I want to be

She encourages my creativity
And gives my poetic side release
When I rest at the feet of Poetry

Sweet harmony surrounds me
Doubts and fears slowly cease
There’s no other place I want to be

I take each moment slowly
And drift into it with ease
When I rest at the feet of Poetry

No distractions come to me
I can write whatever I please
There’s no other place I want to be

Grateful I will always be
For those things this poet sees
When I rest at the feet of Poetry
There’s no other place I want to be

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Times Are Changing

In living a life there are hard lessons learned
Our living existence is often hard earned

We all go through at sometime this school of hard knocks
Where each day brings lesson-filled stresses and shocks

Those lessons do change one’s perspective on life
What once was important is lessened through strife

I’ve learned recently the true value of time
How easy we waste it ignoring its rhyme

The things most important were already here
Given so freely clean planet, clean air

Unfortunately we ignored this clear fact
And now we are dealing with that fact impact

I doubt in my lifetime the tables will turn
And with all of life’s lessons - will we ever learn?

Monday, 1 April 2013

Autumn Haiku

 Autumn is coming
Lovely days but chilly nights
My favourite season

Red and golden leaves
Fall gracefully to the ground
Leaving trees naked

Days getting shorter
Soon be time to light our fires
And dream of summer