Sunday, 31 March 2013


Out on the prowl, with experience and sass
Seductive purring and slow swaying ass

High classy cougars that roam with the night
Show them a good time, they’ll show you their bite

Powerful and proud like all wild cats should be
Ripe with maturity, feral and free

Welcomed wherever they happen to roam
Nightclubs and bars of the city their home

A gentle warning to young bucks out there
Cougars smell young blood – you'd better beware!

Saturday, 30 March 2013

I'm A Chocoholic

Blood sugar’s about to explode
Gone into chocolate overload

So filled with remorse and disgust
If I can’t trust me, who can I trust?

I make these promises to myself
As I put the chocolate on the shelf

I say watch that sugar intake
And then that promise I break

Praise be it’s only once a year
That Chocofest called Easter’s here!!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Life's Plan

It's funny how my life unfolds and guides my everyday. 
I forward plan and forward dream convinced planning's the way 
to have a better chance to be the best I truly can.... 
- and many weeks and days and hours are built in to that plan 

And then from some far away place - no warning and no care 
A sudden unexpected thing emerges from nowhere. 
And all the best laid plans I've made fly merrily away.. 
To tell me it's not worth the time to make plans day by day. 

My time belongs to everyone I’m at their beck and call 
When people urgently need help a plan's no use at all 
I'm now convinced there is out there a greater Master plan 
Invalidating all the best designed by human hand 

It’s two steps forward one step back – it happens every day 
We’re on a high, or on a down, there is no other way.. 
I tip my hat to the unknown , raise up a crystal glass 
"To weaving dreams from Master plans – and hope the downs soon pass!"

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Our Universal Shame (1) Flight Of Fancy (2) - Haiku

 Sad, dark eyes, pain filled 
Image from a Child Fund ad 
Begging assistance 

Living on nothing 
Babies, children, living a 
Nightmare existence? 

As we sympathize.. 
Another pair of sad eyes 
Close, and hurt no more. 

Against the blue sky 
A harrier hawk soaring 
On the summer wind 

Always in my view 
A most welcome companion 
Beautiful in flight 

When I’m born again 
I think that maybe I’ll be.. 
A harrier hawk

Sunday, 24 March 2013


“A child fish asks mother fish, 'Mother, why cannot we live on the Earth?' Mother fish replied, 'Dear… it is not the place for fish, it is the place for selfish” ― Santosh Kalwar

Our Mother Earth who gave us birth is dying as we speak
Her soils consumed by our toxic fumes, our poisons make her weak.
Land, air and sea, above, below takes hits in all directions
Our dearest friend on whom life depends is invasive with infections

CO2 fracturing makes up for the lacking in oil and gas reductions
Richter scale measures the fault line pressures that come from increased productions 
Oil spills kill turtles, whales and seals while fossil fuel is still in the raw
As this fuel is spent, noxious fumes vent, and polar caps slowly thaw

The polar bear and penguins are the next ones on the list
of global warming, air polluted victim species to be missed
Algae loving jellies filling the nets of troller boats.
Run off nitrates causing the plumes and out to sea it floats

As trees come down, great forests die, and wildlife lose their home
Without their shelter, food source gone they’re left en masse to roam
In desperation risks are taken as hunger fuels their drive
Killing or to be killed is their natural instinct to survive

Million of children with bellies swollen, sad eyes and cracked lips
Undernourished bodies shake and shiver as starvation grips
Stench of human suffering hidden behind the power bases
Gods of war put power before those disillusioned faces

Will we ever correct the mistakes that gave this horror birth?
Will global unity happen and we make peace with Mother Earth.?
Between the small things we can do, and the problems big things bring
The universal danger across the globe is - we will do nothing!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Goddess Of The Oracle

Phoebe, gracious Titan Goddess of the Oracle
I stand before you hoping for just one small miracle

Please find that someone way out there who’s made for only me?
A special someone who I hope will read my poetry

Who’ll take it gently line by line and massage every rhyme
I promise I’ll take care of him, I would not waste your time

My writing is my body, that’s for him and him alone
To use in any way he wants with me or on his own

In verse I’ll stroke his mind as his is penetrating mine
Exploding in my thoughts as linked together we cumbine

Lapping up his intellect, and savouring its cream
Wordplay will be our foreplay, that’s allowing us to dream
So do you think you could fast track that little miracle?
O Phoebe gracious Titan Goddess of the Oracle.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

It's All In The Learning

Out there someone is hurting 
You know - you feel their pain 
It’s something you’re familiar with 
Always comes back again 

There’s dumb and then there’s dumber 
Then there’s totally insane 
Most never learn it’s sad to say 
It’s like they love the pain 

Lessons are there to teach us 
This is what a lesson’s for 
But sometimes that gets put aside 
When love walks in the door 

Love's such a fickle creature 
Full of dreams that don’t come true 
All the magic’s in the moment 
But the test is just for you

So welcome to reality
Come in and close the door
You may think this is all there is,
Well sorry, there's lots more!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Mornings & Mokopuna

I wonder if winter will visit this year 
The days up to now have been perfect and clear 
It’s 6 in the morning another fine day 
is blessing my world in a wonderful way 

My moko is sleeping just quietly nearby 
I look out the window to the morning sky 
I think of the things that for me lie ahead 
Just thinking makes me want to go back to bed 

I’ve checked out my emails, and answered a few 
I checked out my Facebook, Got Poetry too… 
I opened a Twitter account long ago 
and keep being followed by folk I don’t know 

I really should close it, it’s never used much 
I think it’s more for famous people and such 
My book of appointments I slowly peruse 
check out my next column for the local news 

I need to get back to my novel one day 
but somehow time just keeps on slipping away 
My moko grows older, sadly so do I 
I think how did I ever without him get by.. 

The beautiful difference he’s made to my life 
He’s taken away all my stresses and strife 
I look at the clock and it’s moved on an hour 
I’d best get a move on and go have my shower 

I send morning wishes to all far and near 
Still wondering if winter will visit this year

Sunday, 17 March 2013

It Is What It Is

Regretfully and with a sigh, 
I finally close the book
And place it gently on the shelf 
with one last painful look

The shelf itself is in my mind 
and filled with memories
A collection of emotions
– this too is one of these

I need to live the moments 
because always is too long 
The secret’s in the letting go, 
it’s reckless to hold on

The pain will surely happen 
and the hurting is intense
So take the loss and don’t look back, 
just use some common sense

Adversity will teach you much, 
and hope you may have learned
That in this thing we all call life, 
one’s hopes sometimes get burned.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Archer

When an arrow takes flight, is released from the bow
And you watch and you wonder just where it might go 

As it disappears out of the range of your view 
All you can do is move on nothing much left to do 

But as night follows day and day follows night 
We all live to a plan like that arrow in flight 

We bend to the will of the Archer and then 
We fly through the air knowing not where we end 

The path that we take is a mystery until 
We've completed the plan of the Great Archer's will

Friday, 15 March 2013

The Stove - For Sylvia Plath

Briefly his image appears in her mind
Their life flashing by through a haze
A life he abandoned and leaving behind
their passion and poetry days

Journey to nowhere has been very long
Each step of the way – agony
She needed a sense of a place to belong;
exploring it through poetry

Back in the moment, a tear on her cheek
She ponders the why and the where
Never quite finding the right words to speak
with only her poetry to care

Life smiling darkly, encouraged, cajoled
teasing and tempting her on
Voices in echo, nothing left to hold
Reality already gone

It stood there defiant, daring her to
Against her dark window, the rain 
Voices in echo, some old, others new
Support and enhancing her pain

All left to say has been finally said 
Time now to make right the wrong
Voices take over the space in her head
Sighing - she turns the gas on….

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Sleep - A Chance To Renew

  My days are filled with busyness
And often there’s a lot of stress
I love my work but it can be
A great drain on my energy

When I get home, too tired to eat
I head for bed, and slumber sweet
A brief thought for my busy day
Then leave it back in yesterday

As night plays with my tiredness
I drift away on its caress
Gentle fingers close my eyes
And to its will I softly rise

My hand clasped in the hand of sleep
We journey to its portals deep
Filled with sweet expectancy
I let its magic come to me

I find within its dark domain
The reasons always why I came
It restores all my energy
and gives me back a brand new me.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Imagination's Power

Surreal worlds make no compromise
conceived from out of a thousand sighs
Only the awakened know it lies
Beyond the horizon of paradise

Naked imaginings lie in wait
For that perfect consummate
It’s invoking doom to hesitate
Beyond the horizon of contemplate

Frantic illusions blending wills
Imagination’s power fills
Strengthened by poetic skills
Beyond the horizon of rhetoric thrills

Surreality leads the blind
Into a realm of a different kind
What you seek, you’re sure to find
Beyond the horizon of the mind

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Dorinna's Song

I hear my tipuna calling
In the waves that wash the shore
I feel their loving nearness
In the ocean’s silent roar

Looking up, my eyes embrace
A dear sentinel standing tall
Titirangi, Maunga Tapu
- Kaitiaki over all.

Uawa, ancestral river
Flowing on her ancient course
Mighty mountain, gentle river
Bless us with their loving force

Sitting beneath the pines near where
the White House use to stand
I hear again the whispers
softly say “we understand…

...the reason why you leave us;
..the reason why you roam –
but one day, when the time is right
our song will sing you home…"

Monday, 11 March 2013


Just once in your lifetime you really should try
to come to New Zealand and I’ll tell you why
We’re not very big in a land massy way
but some who have visited quite often stay

We’re just a small country, 5 million or so
With plenty of sheep that put on quite a show
Our lamb is world famous and so is our wine
At movie locations, we really do shine

We’re two little islands plus one tiny one
We have everything for your pleasure and fun
We have sparkling beaches and mountains with snow
Each day brings excitement wherever you go

Our rivers and forests are pristine and clean
And most year round countryside is so green
There's glaciers, and fiords, we’ve scenery galore
We have everything you could ask for and more

Trout fishing your passion? - our lakes will beguile
Or maybe big game fish are more to your style!
Hunting or hiking through natural terrain
Experiences you'll never encounter again

The thermal delights of our spas will appeal
With geysers and warm silky waters that heal
Puts a spring in your step and a smile on your face
You’ll be in no hurry to exit the place 

Our snowfields world class if skiing is your thing
Explore native bush hear our native birds sing
Swimming with dolphins perhaps watching the whales
Revisit a spa when your energy fails

I’m leaving the best of the best for the last
Our land has a rich and a colourful past
A true living culture that’s willing to share
There’s nothing else on earth like this anywhere

With music and dancing to wind up your day
Enjoy cultural cuisine cooked the Maori way
Your visit “down under” will wrap round your heart
And teardrops will fall as you sadly depart

So once in your lifetime I think you should try
and come to New Zealand I’ve just told you why
Haere Mai! – Welcome - you will enjoy your stay
and live for a short while the New Zealand way.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

To Autumn

Days are getting shorter now
A chill invades the air.
Skies turn grey ejecting blue
Clouds tossed here and there

Sea breeze cracks her icy whip
The waves rise up and foam
A seagull rides the winds on high
Migrating birds fly home

Trees shake leaves to forest floor
Cascading colours down
I watch the Summer slowly change
Into her Autumn gown

Saturday, 9 March 2013

My Love - My Pain

I weep for my son, for the road that he's on
I weep for my child who is long ago gone

The choices he made he has made on his own
The choices he's made he must carry alone

A familiar stranger is all that I see
He looks like the person my boy use to be

Protecting your child from most things is a test
The tactics I've used were not always the best

But when it's my children's well being that's at stake
A mother will do just whatever it takes

Whatever the price is when push comes to shove
Without hesitation I've paid it with love

There's been many battles and many mistakes
The weary heart struggles and very near breaks

Just clinging to hope, with a prayer and a plea
That one day my son will return well to me.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

In Harmony (A Pantoum)

The bush will always look after its own;
all the gentle creatures that dwell there
From the towering tree to the tiny pine cone
Harmony reigns in the sweet scented air

All the gentle creatures that dwell there
Living each day at a quiet gentle pace
Harmony reigns in the sweet scented air
Far from the madness of the human race

Living each day at a quiet gentle pace;
Nature's beauty growing wild and free
Far from the madness of the human race
Free to exist as existence should be

Nature's beauty growing wild and free
from the towering tree to the tiny pine cone
Free to exist as existence should be
The bush will always look after its own

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Poetic Perfection (An Acrostic)

P oets make magic that catches the eye 
O rdinary things that most people pass by 
E nchanting people with ordinary lives 
T o ensure love of great poetry survives
I nside a world of extraordinary themes 
C reating magic from ordinary dreams

P ractice makes perfect or so it is said
E ndearing memories both living and dead
R esearching each in their own special way
F inding word structures to show what they say
E xperiences come to the fore every time
C hanges a boring and pathetic rhyme
T ouches and shares with the reader a view
I nto the thoughts of those creative few..
O ut of the minds of brilliant wordwriters
N ew and exciting poetic delighters

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Food For Thought (A Kyrielle)

At times I'd often meditate
The future of our planet's fate
Then through my mind I'd softly stray
I'd feel my problems fly away

We all have burdens in our life
We're none of us exempt from strife
Just keep the faith a voice would say
I'd feel my problems fly away

A healthy lesson to be learned
A healthy world has to be earned
I walk my mind's road every day
I'd feel my problems fly away

Friday, 1 March 2013

A Friend Indeed

Hold my hand through those dark places
Guide me to those quiet spaces
Tell me there’s nothing there to fear
And make my worries disappear

All too soon I’ll be on my own
and take that final step alone
But in this moment treasured friend
on your great strength I so depend

I’ve never been this road before
It’s strange not knowing what’s in store
Your hand and my belief in prayer
I know will get me safely there

So holding on I close my eyes
I think of home and summer skies
of happy smiles and Christmas time
and poetry in perfect rhyme

I drift away but soon I know
It’s time for me to let you go
You've helped to take away my fear
I'm sure I’ll be okay from here