Thursday, 29 November 2012

Heaven To Hell

He’d come to her room like he thinks he belongs
She’d suffer in silence remembering the wrongs
He took without asking once she was his wife
And strangled the good from her once happy life
As months turned to years all she had was her pride
It carried her through when all else in her died
A heart filled with love takes a long time to break
Believing his lies was her biggest mistake
She held to the dream of the man she once knew
Who told her with passion that he loved her too
So wanting the man that she knew he could be
Instead of this stranger of hostility
She touches the swelling on her lower lip
A gift from his most recent meth party trip
Two children she gave him, both gone long ago
A boy and a girl who she never will know
Taken far away like her faraway dreams
Only her misery to share her silent screams
The sounds of a nightmare nobody can hear
She lived out a life filled with sorrow and fear
She looked at his body now dead on the floor
Now free from all pain, no more hurt anymore
Steps over his body, lays down on the bed
And closing her eyes puts the gun to her head

I Am - Am I?

It matters to me who I am, and what I am and why
I am a million little things inside this shell called I

I’m driven by emotion and quite often fall apart
To know the depth of who I am I need to have a start

Am I a history of all that came before I did appear?
Did something wave a magic wand and solid formed from air?

Am I composed of atoms, maybe neutrons, maybe more?
And what’s that vibrant energy that permeates my core?

The thoughts I think are there because I put them there or what?
And when there’s something not quite right did something lose the plot?

It’s crazy but I feel there’s more to me that I should know
I’m sure before conception I existed in some flow

Some flow composed of what? I mean I must have been somewhere
The fact that I exist right now is neither here nor there

I’ve read the minds of experts and it’s driving me to tears
I really need some answers fast, I’m running out of years

And even when I’m dead and gone what lies beyond that door?
I wasn’t here and then I was and then I am no more!

I’m searching for two lines to finish off this little note
Can’t think of any so I guess I’ll post it as it’s wrote

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Ode To A New Day

As the early morning light
rises from the bed of night
Slowly creeps across the skies
gently touching waking eyes

From the east, the golden dawn
dressed in colours of the morn
subtle shades of misty blues
moments capturing pale pink hues

Quintessential classic greys
shimmering through a violet haze
Brilliant reds and in between
Essence of aquamarine

Right on cue the rising sun
tells the night its work is done
Blessings from a Master's hand
to a slowly waking land..

Monday, 26 November 2012

Deja Vu

Sometimes, I wake up with something I think is déjà vu
I’ve woken from a dream and usually it’s about you
And in my dream we’re still together, close as two can be
The future still a mystery, no threat to you or me

We’d catch the glow of every day and laugh into the breeze
We danced inside the raindrops and paid homage to the trees
Our fingers linked, we’d stop and drink the pleasure from our lips
The taste of life so rich we’d only take in tiny sips

Our nights burned with a passion and a heat beyond belief
Lost totally inside ourselves that passion our relief
Still entwined we’d sleep until the night turned into day
Only to awake to take each other back to yesterday

Our past became our present, tomorrow nowhere in sight
And life was sweet and beautiful each day and every night.
As I awake I reach across and touch your empty space
My hand brushes the pillow to where once you laid your face

The emptiness and ache begins - it’s lonely without you
And when you died something inside of me went with you too
Sometimes, I wake up with something I think is déjà vu
A premonition that one day will take me home to you.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

A Restless Mind

A restless mind is like a wind that blows across the land
And never seems to find itself a way to understand
Its restless soul must find a path however long or brief
To minimise its restlessness, and give itself relief

Restless minds get bumped around, occasionally bruise
Life never favours anything - it does not pick or choose
It steamrolls over everything along its merry way
It's up to all those in its path to get out of its way

Creativity often creates and grows a restless mind
It needs a fix of energy, somewhere it can unwind
A restless mind can often drop into a lonely space
And many have been known to disappear without a trace

There is a gentle outlook the restless mind can go
A quiet place inside a space that heals its restless flow
And once inside that lovely space it wont take long to find
The energising powers that will calm the restless mind.

That space is inside all of us, is known by many things
but most of all its where the healing energy bird sings
And as it sings its way into the ever restless mind
The restlessness will disappear, and leave just peace behind

Friday, 23 November 2012

Visual Feast

Ritualistic, hedonistic,
raising glasses high
Sundowners on the deck to watch
The sun exit the sky

With all the pomp and circumstance
And drama of a Queen
Its blazing hot performance
Steals the show in every scene

It goes not softly into night
And yet it’s always known
A dying sun must leave and let
The night ascend the throne

Clouds fade meekly into grey
Outlined in brilliant red
As twilight draws the covers back
And puts the sun to bed.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Taking Time Out

Lying in the long grass, on a lovely summer day
Listening to the sounds of nature chattering away
Savouring those lovely moments money can not buy
Lying in the long grass, hearing nature passing by

Lying in the long grass, on a lovely summer day
Knowing that my busy life is just a thought away
Gentle breezes, high above a blue and cloudless sky
Lying in the long grass, letting busy pass me by

Lying in the long grass, on a lovely summer day
Memories of a childhood not so very far away
Golden days of long ago, like time, all seems to fly
Lying in the long grass, thoughts of family passing by

Lying in the long grass, on a lovely summer day
Power plays and bottom lines all left in yesterday
Taking time out is a luxury we all should try
Lying in the long grass, as tomorrow passes by

A Walk On The Beach

I love to watch the ocean as the day turns into night
The movement of each wave's in rhythm with the changing light
A hundred different colours are reflected in each motion
As I stand upon the sand and gaze out at the ocean

Walking on the water’s edge, my shoes held in my hand
Feel the gentle undertow through softly shifting sand
A tiny crab flicked by my toe swims hurriedly away
and disappearing from my view; the final light of day

A solitary seabird rides the ocean winds up high
Slowly disappearing like a shadow in the sky
Out on the horizon sunset colours burn and glow
Adding to the richness of the ocean’s twilight show

Sighing with contentment I turn slowly to depart
Vitalized, re-energized by Mother Nature’s art
I feel so truly blessed to have the gift of sight to see
The wonders of our natural world in perfect harmony

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Devil Makes You Do It

There’s the Devil you know and the Devil you don’t
And the two are not quite - yet the same
There’s two things that’s very familiar to both
They're Devil by nature and name

Take this Devil you know, such an affable thing
My opinion, it’s quite gender free
We should not be thinking exclusively male
When a Devil’s a dual entity

The Devil you know can be such a good friend
And it always has good things to share
You just need to think what the payback might be
‘Caveat emptor’ - buyer beware!

The Devil you don’t ah! now that’s something else
What you don’t know can’t hurt you they say
But a Devil’s notorious for short circuiting
Before you know it you’ve been led astray

The thing is they both do it with flair and style
..and not too much different in ways
You’d never be lonely with either around but!!!
…it’s the price for that company one pays!!!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

The Devil's In The Detail

Underneath a tree of dreams two elements align
Safe within in its shade and drinking melancholy wine
Taking up a book of prose one element did smile
Carefully turning pages with such elegance and style

Deeply spoke one element so obviously male;
Rubbed against the other one much smaller and quite pale
“Read to me of something that will give my tree some wood”
something hot and sultry, to empower me as it should”

“Something to infuse the heat I feel when you are near
to ignite like dynamite the latent force that’s there”
Looking through her poetry she finally made her choice
In the silence of their space he heard her gentle voice

“Gladly will I share with you the things you want to hear
just like you, I feel it too, whenever you are near”..
And with that, she let him enter in her private world
Images unfolding as her poetry unfurled…

With her legs tucked under her, she sat upon the floor
Her hair damp from showering he watched her from the door
Slowly she uncurled her legs he caught a glimpse of lace
A brief sight of something white covering her private place
His shirt she wore hung loose, opened almost to the waist
And within he saw the skin he loved so much to taste
He walked across the room and pulled her from the floor
Sat her on their bed and looking in her eyes he saw
the sweetest invitation that he just could not resist;
knelt between her legs to thighs just begging to be kissed
Shrugging off his shirt she curled her fingers through his hair
as he licked and kissed his way up to her underwear…

If you really want the rest it’s private we must go
The devil’s in the details as the details will show
Underneath a tree of dreams two elements align
Safe within in its shade and drinking melancholy wine

Friday, 16 November 2012

Grow With The Flow

I walk the path of higher thought
A learner eager to be taught
In innocence I stand and wait
To meet the teachers of my fate

I kneel before a power source
Connect, and feel the inner force
Immediately, incredibly
I fill with living energy

I touch a pulse in space and time
Within its rhythm start to climb
Ascending to a higher place
Above the lines of flow and grace

I find a place of reflection
Contemplation, meditation
A space where dwells serenity
And finally discover me

I am my path of higher thought
In living life I have been taught
In seeking out my destiny
Within myself I’ll find the key

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Spirit Guides

Often in the daily stress of living life each day
I’ve called upon my spirit guides to help me on my way
Quietly their essence flows around all things I do
The wisdom of their guidance never fails to get me through

There’s something reassuring knowing they are close to hand
In knowing that no matter what I do they understand
It’s like they know exactly what I’m feeling every day
And in their quiet gentleness they help me find a way

Some I feel are dear familiars, like my Dad and Mum
Life becomes much easier that’s how I know they’ve come
Others are a part of things so very dear to me
Especially my passion and my love of poetry

Sylvia is my very lovely melancholy muse
I’ve recently discovered a connection I can use
to take advantage of her genius in terms of what
there was about her tragic life that made her lose the plot

Sometimes I’m sure Pablo Neruda’s never far from me
In fact I’m certain he’s the one who’s with me constantly
He knows I am an absolute, beyond help romantic
‘Cos in his own romantic life he was a fanatic

And then there are my ancestors, my awesome ancestry
Descended from a line of chiefs is what was told to me
How can I ever feel alone with all of them around?
Who keep my aspirations high and both feet on the ground

I love them all my spirit guides, they will forever be
The motivation and the inspiration that drives me
And when in time, my life, like everyone’s come to an end
I’d like to share, somewhere out there my Spirit with a friend

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Surreality Found

Somewhere between the where I was
to where I am today
I've found the missing part of me
I'd lost along the way

So many faces never seen,
so many places never been
Yet all those spaces in between
were where I'd hide away

I have no hidden depth to me
There is no deep, dark mystery
I have no ancient history
We lived beside the sea
My lovely dogs and me

We loved to watch the morning sun
Along the beach we’d often run
And often, when the day was done
We’d sit alone and dream

I'm nothing to be frightened of
Were I a bird, I'd be a dove
One day I'd like to fall in love
It’s in my greater scheme

Each day is now a lovely day
I even find the time to pray
If it’s okay I’d like to stay
To share, to laugh, to play….

Somewhere between the who I was
to who I am today
I’ve found that missing part I thought
I'd lost along the way

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Minute By Minute

Our yesterdays are history
The moment’s all we live in
The future’s still a mystery
By destiny we’re driven

A surface view is all we see
When all points aren’t aligning
The struggle will eventually
Restructure the designing

The short term's unpredictable
It is forever changing
When it gets insurmountable
Then it needs re arranging

I’ve tried to build a values base
and practice what I’m preaching
and hope the values from that space
reach others through the teaching.

Life ebbs and flows just like the tide
It never seems to falter
Another door will open wide
And best laid plans can alter

It doesn’t always pay to plan
There’s just no comprehending
We’re here one moment but we can
be gone before its ending..

Dreams That You Dare To Dream

Once in a place in a far away time
Inside a space from where grew perfect rhyme
Beyond the realms of a blink and a sigh
A poetess grew wings and took to the sky

In to the sky like an eagle she flew
Above cloud cover still heavy with dew
Beyond the stars giving way to the morn
On wings rose tinged with the blush of the dawn

Setting her sights on the edge of the world
Steering her course as her karma unfurled
Out of the darkness and into the light
Out of the dreams that were guiding her flight

High above oceans and rivers and ranges
Safely away from all possible dangers
Driven by powers once quietly sleeping
Looking for him with her heart in his keeping

There in the distance she saw the rainbow
Colours more brilliant than seen from below
Stunned by its beauty she paused in her flight
Just for a moment to bathe in its light

Slowly with care through the colours she flew
Finding those bluebirds and skies always blue
As she looked down from her heavenly high
She saw land once heard in a lullaby

Knowing her journey was now at an end
Wings barely moving began to descend
Closing her eyes as her feet touched the ground
The edge of the world she had finally found

He came up behind her, no longer a myth
The one she had flown across time to be with
He turned her towards him and tilted her chin
Then lowered his mouth and took her soul within

Wrapped in the cloak of his loving they walked
Through quiet moments together they talked
Finally united to never more part
Home was the poetess, Home with her heart.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Looking For A Change

If I could take a moment,
just one moment in my day
and find a really quite space
where I could hide away
I'd close out all reality,
and open up a fantasy;
and wait to see what there might be;
that just might make me stay.

Some people come into my life
and never ever know
how deeply I'm affected
when it's time for them to go
They bring out all that's best in me,
I think I've found my destiny
and when they leave, the rest of me
is shattered by the blow

I think I have a right to love,
and be loved in return
To walk right through the fire of love
and never feel the burn
I give myself so passionately,
it weakens me emotionally,
then blame myself absolutely
because I never learn.

So let me find this moment,
in a space somewhere out there
To heal the painful memories
from hearts that didn't care
Abandoning the human race,
I doubt I'd ever leave that place
And never ever need to face
another sad affair.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

"Mine" Power.

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind,
And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.(Shakespeare)

How very apt a quote is that
to fit this century
Did Shakespeare know his words
back then would cross eternity
For here am I and there you are
and in our minds we meet.
I never dreamed something like this
could ever be so sweet

There is no life for me unless
you're close within my "view "
I lose all sense of time when I
am not in touch with you
You're everything I'll ever want
I need for you to stay
To "hold" me when I go to sleep
and "wake" with me each day.

You'll never know how long I've tried
To bring you to this place
Through lonely days and longer nights
I've waited in this space
Just hoping you would recognise
the one who wants you so
Through almost every thing I do
I've tried to let you know

My heart feels so much calmer now
My fears I've put aside
he's here, the one I've waited for
He's finally replied
The future is a mystery
and who knows what we'll find
but ‘til that day we make it real
His mind is mine - all mine!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Corny I Know

A friend and I went to a bar to have a quiet drink
I had a juice, she had a wine - a Sauvignon I think
It was around about twelve noon, we found ourselves a seat
‘twas lunchtime so decided we would get something eat.

Twiddling with the menu not really reading it as such
When suddenly upon my shoulder came a gentle touch
My friend was smiling up at someone standing at my back
I turned and as I turned I heard my neck bone give a crack

This awful pain raced through me and I slipped on to the floor
And all I felt was agony the rest was just a blur
As if a long way off I heard my friend call out to me
But I just couldn’t answer her I couldn't even see

When I came to I’d lost my shoe, but even worse than that
A crowd of nosy people were all standing where I’d sat
I was so angry at the way these people gathered round
All curious and peering at me lying on the ground

Carefully I turned my neck first to the left then right
My dress was up around my hips, I must have looked a sight
Then floating down from heaven was this angel with green eyes
He said “I’m Doctor Everand”, and stared down at my thighs

I said “My problem is my neck, I think I turned too fast”
He gently probed around a bit, the pain had gone at last
He said “Hold still” and then he gave my neck a little twist
His face was right up close I could have given him a kiss

He must have read my thoughts because he smiled and looked away
And as he helped me to my feet against him I did sway
“I’m sorry Doc” I giggled as I straightened up my clothes
He said “No probs, you’ll be okay, this is what I propose”

“You get into my car, I’ll take you home, you need to rest
and when we get there, you will need to slip out of that dress
I looked into those emerald eyes, and took him by the hand
And as we walked he whispered “Hello Mrs Everand”.


Friday, 9 November 2012

The Day Christ Missed Church.

Charcoal mountains, silhouette against a pale sky
Air, damp and sweet, confirms approaching rain
Across the rooftops a hazy perception meets the eye
Looking down, devastation, chaos, pain!

A beautiful city ripped apart under Nature’s wrath
Usually, peaceful, a gentle giant asleep
But long have been the predictions of an aftermath
Together innocence and a beautiful city weep

Land of the Long White Cloud, of the Silver Fern
Children of Rangi and Papa, we kneel respectfully
in deference, watch Paradise crash and burn
Questioning, needing answers, so unprepared are we.

Long have been the prophecies,
Look after or you’ll lose
Been given priceless gifts for life
Yet casually we choose
Everything in life we give
Be sure we will get back
The other day when Christ missed Church
My country’s world turned black!


Rivers Like Mothers Are Forever.

The river always reminds me of my mother

Even on sad, overcast days - she is beautiful

I look down to the river - and I "see" my mother

As I watch the charcoal sky lightens

and the river appears

smooth as glass

The sky is a hundred mixes of grey and somewhere

above that mottled ceiling

the sun struggles to break through

Those colours reflected in the river are amazing;

The river always reminds me of my mother
and she is beautiful