Saturday, 13 July 2013

Old Friends (Haiku)

There is totally
nothing in this universe
quite like an old friend

Their contribution
to your life extends above
and beyond the norm..

Their entire concern
for your total well being
- unconditional!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Moments In Time

If I could choose one moment in my life to ponder on
Eliminating everything that I depend upon
I'd probably take forever contemplating everything
And take more than one lifetime just in deliberating

My life has been a steady flow of insignificance
and never really changes much by fate or circumstance
However in the realms of everything that's possible
I still feel like I'm waiting for something incredible.

Meanwhile, while I wait, I think I'll just continue on
Meandering through each moment just in case it comes along
It's highly more than likely though I just might very well
Grow old and grey just sitting here - without a tale to tell.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Philosophicalish Me

Sky is overcast and grey but I’m alive and breathing
That makes it a good day and gives living it some meaning
Sometimes feeling very old, I’m past all expectations
Winter does this every time, demands self explorations

Quietly in contemplation looking down life’s journey
Wondering about the things that life decided for me
Considering the impacts from the mild to the extremes
Recalling distant yearnings and those unrequited dreams

Life and people moving on and so it will always be
Many touch my life then leave until there is only me
It’s all those little things in life that shape our universe
Accepting it is what it is - a blessing or a curse

Our destiny’s to roll with everything life brings our way
That has been my experience there’s not much more to say
Just live each moment given but just know eventually
Those moments have a cut off date - and so sadly do we.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

My Beautiful (Ada Is Her Name)

 I had a dream and in this dream my beautiful was there
She said “I’ll see you later boy!” I said “You come back here!!”
She answered back “you got 10 others boy - we’re all the same”;
I said “there’s one my beautiful – and Ada is her name!”

She turned and took my hand and said “This thing is mine to do,
you know that when I start something, I always see it through”
You’ll be ok there’s 10 still there, you know we’re all the same!!”
I said “I need my beautiful – and Ada is her name!”

Then from the shadows just beyond two images appeared
One big and tall, the other small - both smiling, silver haired
My beautiful said “Here they are, I called out and they came”
They came to take my beautiful – and Ada is her name!

The selfishness, the wanting with my soul to have her here
Has lessened now I know she’s with our Mum and Dad somewhere
What lingers still and always will – the everlasting pain
That in this life I’ll never see my beautiful again…

My beautiful has always been so beautiful to me
As in this dream as well as life unto eternity
I know there are 10 others and she’s right, we are the same;
But none are like my beautiful – and Ada is her name!.