Saturday, 25 May 2013

Waters Of The Moon

A golden summer moon hangs low and heavy in the night
Night birds show out in silhouette against her glowing light 
While warm and fragrant winds blow sweet across a quiet lagoon
The moonlight gleams, on crystal streams, from waters of the moon.

Two lovers, arms around each other, stroll beside the sea
The music of the moonlight serenades them tenderly
Knowing that the magic of the night will be gone soon
They plan their schemes, as crystal streams from waters of the moon

Together they make promises and seal each with a kiss
No matter what their future it can never better this
The music of the night plays out its universal tune
And sings of dreams, and crystal streams from waters of the moon.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A Poem A Day

Living a poem’s much more than its words.. 
More fragrant than flowers, or soaring of birds 
Extends far beyond all perception of time 
It challenges reason, it amplifies rhyme 

It pulsates across every possible zone 
With conceptions that are virtually unknown 
The romance, the passion, the sweet mystery 
Is there in the beauty of life’s poetry 

Poetic words impact on emotions deep 
Fuel imagination, makes elusive - sleep 
Poetry’s an affliction, one needs to take care 
A sweet, sweet addiction so buyer beware 

In poetry as in life there are few basic rules 
Life will suffer madly the wisdom of fools 
However, what life through a poem may say 
Try at least once living - a poem a day

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Life – A PoemII

Poetry is all life and all life’s poetry. 
The living of it creates our history 
It clings to our day through the things that we do 
Pulsates through our nights in the dreams we pursue 

Poetry is right there in the things we all see 
Inspiring, transpiring, aspiring us to be 
May come complicated or in a smooth way 
In waking or sleeping, in work or at play 

In patterns and colours - in quiet, with sounds 
In everyday actions our living surrounds 
We each have our habits exclusive to us 
Performing each with or without any fuss 

Our lives are all different and always unique 
We struggle but manage our strengths with our weak 
Our lives, as we live it has structures essential, 
And each structural part has poetic potential. 

We limit ourselves, yet we are limitless 
How great is our being is anyone’s guess 
We control those things we want others to know 
And hold back on things that we don’t want to show 

Emotions are ruled by the head and the heart 
Of life’s ebbs and flows we are always a part 
Through rhyme and with reason our lives clearly show 
We move to the beat of a poetic flow

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Sweet Confession

I openly confess a love that goes beyond the norm 
A passion filled devotion that would challenge any storm 

It rises of its own volition - from a power base 
Established in imagination, never face to face 

Unquestioning, strategically created by the heart 
Where logical and common sense will never play a part 

For time there is no meaning here and distance even less 
A place where light and darkness merge in shadowy caress 

This warm, hypnotic space accentuates my state of being 
Confirms the surreality that some things need no “seeing”. 

It’s said that love is timeless and my choice transcends all time 
This love born out of sweet “hello” has now been forged in rhyme

Friday, 17 May 2013

Seasons Of Life

 The skies outside are grey, rain falls as winter settles in 
The naked trees sway drunkenly into the savage wind 
The changing face of Nature as the winter comes to call 
Becomes aloof and distant as it leaves behind the Fall 

Children in their innocence take seasons in their stride 
Not really sensing differences, content in or outside 
Our lives are similar to Nature in so many ways 
We have our rhythms, our routines that fill our nights and days 

Spring brings new beginnings, the rebirth of many things 
Summer is the time for fun and all that Christmas brings 
Autumn slows the pace right down preparing for a rest 
Before the Winter opens for her Icy Winterfest 

Where Nature’s role is infinite, ours tragically is not 
No matter how we wish it were, we only get one shot 
Seasons will come, seasons will go until eventually 
We carry on alone to meet our greater Destiny

Monday, 13 May 2013

Poetry For President

Tell me Poem President, I’d really like to know
How you built a whole campaign from your poetic flow?
Did you feel that strategy would be the way to go?
Did you seek advice from others also in the know?

Tel me Poem President, when you first felt the call
What was your game plan for this political football? 
Given there were others more experienced and all
Or did you just know you would not be the one to fall?

Tell me Poem President, after the race was run
There was nothing left to do, nothing was left undone
All the votes were counted and you’d definitely won
Was the deal to gain appeal -"Go hard, but make it fun"?

Oh yes Poem President, before I go away
And leave you in peace to re design our world today
Love your long term vision to keep misery at bay?
"Do the rhyme wins every time"; looks like you’re here to stay!!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Questions & Answers

(Q)  What is it that fills your mind
That stirs the essence of your being?
(A)  It could be that the truth I find
Disputes the knowing from the seeing

(Q)  Will it calm the raging tide
And sit you quietly to one side?
(A)  Depends on what has stirred the flame
And who or what accepts the blame

(Q)  Will it quiet your restless sigh
Where time needs not some filling?
(A)  Who knows; maybe the answers lie 
Beyond this time I’m killing

(Q)  Will you envision what should be
Upon the stage in which you play?
(A)  My audience will measure me 
By accolade will show the way

(Q)  Is there peace within your mind
In the sounds that echo wide?
(A)  Inner peace I hope to find
If love and laughter be my guide