Monday, 11 November 2013


I've had lots of romance come into my life 
and almost as quickly depart. 
Each fatal attraction began with the eyes 
and worked its way down to my heart

I really should have learned; after the first 
and tried to move on with some cool. 
But one drink of love only deepened my thirst 
I tried it again - what a fool!.

But once I'd accepted my stupidity 
and taken some time out to think 
I did a self audit to get clarity 
and finally decided love's stink

I said to myself “Self you need to get real, 
and focus on what you're good at; 
forget all those muscleheads copping a feel 
you can do much better than that!

Get into life girl - grab on to its’ shorts 
You’re getting nowhere where you are 
Your viewpoint of love has a serious distort 
and all you'll have left is the scar!!”

The wisdom of self I accept gratefully 
who better to give me advice 
but no matter how far away it might be 
I'd like to find somebody nice

A wonderful lover who'll be my best friend 
Intelligent, loyal and kind 
Preferably a poet, or some-one like that 
He must have a creative mind

I hope it will happen – well maybe it might 
I’ve had enough practice I know 
I know that he's out there, my true Mr Right 
But when is he going to show???

Sunday, 10 November 2013


So many things inspire me 
when I am writing poetry

A stunning view of mountains white
The beauty of a starry night, 

Seasons changing, rivers flowing, 
flowers blooming, breezes blowing

Crowded streets and quiet byways, 
country lanes and super highways

Romantic dinners, cosy chats
Skipping pebbles and silly hats

Humming birds outside my window
Headless horsemen, Sleepy Hollow

Come to bed eyes, sensual looks
Fashion statements, history books

I could go on and on all day
With all these thoughts that come my way

A Higher Power, a summer day
An autumn shower, a donkey’s bray

A Harley guy, a groupie girl
A tiny ballet dancer’s twirl

Children's laughter in a park
The comfort of my puppy’s bark

But now I'm bored and getting tired
My thinking neurons all been fired

But when I'm writing poetry
So many things inspire me

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

An Insight To My Soul (A Kyrielle )

My poetry creates for me
My beliefs and philosophy
I hope each write will clearly show
The poet I want you to know

My thoughts I pull from everywhere
and analyse each one with care
You’ll see within the written flow
The poet I want you to know

My passion’s in my poetry
Reveals the very soul of me
This insight to my life will show
The poet I want you to know 

My poetry creates for me
The poet I want you to know