Sunday, 10 November 2013


So many things inspire me 
when I am writing poetry

A stunning view of mountains white
The beauty of a starry night, 

Seasons changing, rivers flowing, 
flowers blooming, breezes blowing

Crowded streets and quiet byways, 
country lanes and super highways

Romantic dinners, cosy chats
Skipping pebbles and silly hats

Humming birds outside my window
Headless horsemen, Sleepy Hollow

Come to bed eyes, sensual looks
Fashion statements, history books

I could go on and on all day
With all these thoughts that come my way

A Higher Power, a summer day
An autumn shower, a donkey’s bray

A Harley guy, a groupie girl
A tiny ballet dancer’s twirl

Children's laughter in a park
The comfort of my puppy’s bark

But now I'm bored and getting tired
My thinking neurons all been fired

But when I'm writing poetry
So many things inspire me

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