Thursday, 5 September 2013

A Moment Please

Oh tell me something please because I really want to know
Just where in actuality do all our moments go?

I know they must go somewhere because they were really here
But what’s the next stage of their journey when they disappear

I’ve taken to breaking my life down to each basic part
Believe me it’s not easy – I found problems at the start

It does become a passion once you find the right beginning
Sometimes with little successes I even break out singing

But seriously folks there are some things can be quite deep
In fact - I kid you not, it’s often difficult to sleep

I made a promise to myself one day long, long ago
To live life in the moment and to just go with its’ flow

And for the most part it has been great I’ve had no need to doubt
But now I feel there’s more to it that I have to find out

So if there is a font of wisdom in my universe
That has a meaningful response to this accursed curse

I’d be so very grateful as my cyber hugs will show
Oh tell me pretty please where do those bloody moments go?

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