Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Nature's Warning

Beautiful, just beautiful! the view before my eyes
Across a field of wildflowers, a million butterflies

Beauty indescribable, under a summer sun
A masterpiece that only God could possibly have done

The wonders of our natural world are struggling to survive
And yet when viewing scenes like this so real and alive

One ponders on the reasons just how quickly things can change
Why man forever feels the need to always rearrange

He’s messed up our environment, it needs serious protection
He cannot leave things well alone but tampers with perfection

People since the dawn of time have managed to exist
I doubt the internet and such would ever have been missed

Most peoples of the world today are skeletal or fat
Change in the name of progress has contributed to that

Our rainforests and our oceans, our rivers and our streams
Will be for generations coming only found in dreams

If things continue as they are some things will disappear
Already things have declined like our quality of air

But Nature and her Powers that be are stronger than we know
Those natural disasters that kill millions surely show

She gives us everything we want to use, but we abuse

Her universal warning is; you fuck with me, you lose!

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful poem Wanda..Quite delightful with a stern warning at the end. Bravo!